Day 297: The Mermaid (or Manfish)

My contribution for ‘MerMay‘.

I think that mermaids are grossly misrepresented in the mass media, whereas mermaids are consistently expected to have aesthetically attractive anthropomorphic torso completed with a glossy, lustrous fish tail instead of a pair of feet. Essentially, this established our knowledge of mermaid being the hybrid man-animal species that we know of presently. This is unfair for the mermaids – pressures are high when the entirety of your race are anticipated to have the mien of a bewitching siren, regardless of sex. It is time we banish this mermaid stereotype and begin, if you haven’t,  to embrace the minority of mermaids that have a fish torso and human legs. 

About the drawing,  I chose goldfish because I am known for my terrible memory. And they’re kind of cute. Yeah, no other reason for my visual choices. 

I am aware that the MerMay challenge is supposed to last for the entirety of the month of May, but whatever. I’ve also recently found out about this thing anyway.

We’re just getting started, again! Stay tuned!


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