Day 206: Blue – Cladded Princess

Fanart of Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening 

Duration: ~1 hour

This is something I like to do; make a really rough sketch and then colour on top of it. It has this certain charm to it as in,  it’s complete but still rather rough looking. I personally like it a lot. Also, this is beneficial for a lazy person, cause of the sketch marks, I don’t have to make shadings. Hah!

Sorry for the delay! About the comics,  it’s coming soon. Just a heads up, I had long noticed that my comics outline tend to look a bit blurry. So, as of the following strips after the upcoming one, the drawing should look a bit sharper, since I’ve increased the canvas by 800×800,  as opposed to 500×500. I hope with this minor changes, the overall illustration quality would be improved.

A little word of gratitude: thanks to everyone who have been patient with my random update. Personal life hasn’t been moving optimally. Hope this will improve!

Anyway, until the next update! Stay tuned!

P. S: Passed through the 200 days threshold, HURRAH! 


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