Day 186: Sorrowful Diamond

A speed paint of Blue Diamond from Steven Universe.

Duration: 40 minutes

Hi, it’s me! I know I’m late. I don’t have an excuse. Yeah…

About the drawing: I was watching Steven Universe on the evening this drawing was conceived and the appearance of Blue Diamond was fitting, given her predicament. She’s constantly mourning, and that tug the veins of my heart. So I made this! Yeah!

Anyway, I figured that I upload what I’ve did during the entirety of my sleeplessness so this is the result! I’ll admit that I’m a little bit rusty since my last coloured project but I will try to improve. It was probably a bad idea painting this at the dead of night in a slightly lit room.

Since my last upload, my tablet that I’ve been using to draw has begun to show its age. It’s slowing down and plugging current into it sometimes wouldn’t charge this device. I’ve also noticed using the device while plugged in would still consume energy, which had never happened before. I had did some software cleanup and the results were… satisfactory. It still wouldn’t charge if I use the device simultaneously, but it will still charge nonetheless. I hope to continue using this tablet! Since, you know, I can’t afford a new one (plus, the new models are kind of explode-y).

Comics? On the way. As of now I’m collecting all the ideas I can muster and i will begin uploading them consecutively every week. Hopefully! Until then, stay tuned!


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