Day 157: Indifference. 

My first drawing of the year!

This year started a bit more hectic than I’d liked but it’s okay! It’s not that bad I’m optimistic. Really, I am! Hahahahaha

About the drawing: I have a friend, whom, is always indifferent when things are no big deal in her perspective. It’s not a bad thing,  mind you,  it does alleviate your worries on anything, really. Take your time to reflect on whatever that has been bothering you and you start to think “is it really a big deal?” The good kind of questioning yourself! I’m just emulating how I would look like if I were to imitate her body language.  Pretty much!

I am feeling a tinge of regret for not updating with a comic strip, I’m quite barren for ideas! I will have one soon,  once I can get my creative juices flowing. Until then, stay tuned!

Happy Belated New Year!


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