Day 124: In The Mood

It’s near! The atmosphere is beginning to feel a bit more holiday-ish. 

Title is a reference to the Glen Miller’s composition of the same name, in case you’re curious. 

Do I look like this? I think I do. Not a fan of looking at my own face for an extended period of time, though. Plus, without glasses? My guess is as good as yours. Hair’s gone longer than it had when I first started this blog too.

I adore the holidays! It’s a perfect season and excuse to spend a bit more than we usually do and I get to make food in large quantities without worrying about wastage! And funny hats. Don’t forget the funny hats.

Also, this time is perfect for planning the future of this blog. I don’t have anything I particular planned but I hope to keep on uploading new strips and maybe new artwork too. I should be a bit more liberal with the latter, now that I think of it. This blog is almost exclusively for comic. You can expect a bit more update from me! Except when I get lazy. Let’s keep that away from me like the plague, yeah?

Comic update is still coming for this week, so stay tuned! 


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