Day 102: Calamari

Last year was fun. I also had shorter hair and my weight lighter.

During my matriculation, my friends and I frequent this corner stall located just outside of our campus. It’s not spectacular, and the price is a quite high despite the place was catered for students – who consistently find themselves short of cash – but they had this dish we always return to; lalapan. Google it. 

It’s a pricey-for-unemployed-bums dish but we kept buying it – this simplistic but heavenly dish that we could’ve made on our own if we weren’t tired all the time. Or lazy. Often I find myself in a predicament: there isn’t enough calamari. I’d usually resort to ordering extra calamari so the matter at hand of which we had small amount of cash just kind of snowballed. As a result, I owe people money. But that’s a story for another time. Stay tuned! 

P. S: I originally planned on making a 100 day special, but I figured why wait for an occasion to release special strips? It’ll be more fun if it’s randomised!

P. P. S: This is my 20th post. Yay!


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