Day 70: Karaoke

You’re always going to be reluctant prior to doing things you didn’t knew you’d like. Based on a true event.

When I was still doing my matriculation, my classmates love going to KTVs. They still do after we got our bachelor’s degree but not as frequent. I would join them, when the session doesn’t end too late during the night. 

Since graduation,  our karaoke circle is much smaller now and the allocated 4 hours seem too long. Smaller circle means more singing time for each individual. I’m not really a fan of karaoke. Or so I thought. The first song went all right, you experience this sort of glee when you’re done and when the second song ends, you became more confident.

So you kept choosing songs for yourself. Enough to hog the mic. For an hour. Ehhek. 

P. S: The song in the last panel is “You Don’t Know My Name” (Keys, 2003) during the monologue. Which I memorised. 

Stay tuned for next update! 


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